Hello there,

Before we dive into the business part, let me introduce myself.

My name is Boyko Bodurov, 36-years-old, happily married guy and a father of two. Career-wise I am the CEO and co-owner of Infoleven. Simply put we produce software – web and mobile solutions for different purposes – from presentational websites and mobile apps up to complex ERP and CRM systems, complex multi-layer systems and new areas like blockchain, IoT and Augmented Reality (AR).

Infoleven was founded at the end of 2015. We celebrated our second birthday last week, “better late than never” – on 15th of February. We decided to do it on this date, because it’s when we signed our first contract two years ago, and this is how the journey started…

As for my background

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and was brought up  in one of the suburbs of Sofia, which I call  Bronx of Sofia. It’s a concrete jungle, not the most view, but on the other hand I believe that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so surviving there was my first challenge in life.

Fast forward

I’ve studied business administration in Munich, Germany, where I gained valuable experience and knowledge. It took me a little bit more effort than usual to graduate because parallel to studying I had to work – as a bar keeper, a waiter, a manager of a small night club. Afterwards I switched to consulting for a while. Then I worked one year for Siemens in financial controlling which was quite close to what I was studying. When I finished my studies, I worked two years for one of my university professors. In his company I managed projects in telecommunications, marketing, web software development. There I was responsible for a small team and for suppliers of different services.

Afterwards I came back to Bulgaria and worked for a construction company – first in operations, then I did an internal project for restructuring and optimizing the company. Later, I managed one of the biggest projects of the company costing 22 MM EUR and ca. 120 staff.

For one year I took a leave from the company to do my MBA at INSEAD.

at some point I had to go my own way

My next role in the company was New Business – to start the international expansion, acquisitions of other companies and corporate spin offs. Although it was a great company and I’ve learned a lot there, at some point I had to go my own way.

Later I acquired a share in a tiny software company, focused on development of mobile applications. After two years there, I sold my shares – with my partners we had different visions for the future.

I think that anything related to business is also related to trust, no matter if it comes to selling, being a business partner or managing people.

This is how I ended up as one of Infoleven’s founders.

I teamed up with Georgi, one of our partners in the old company. He is a software development guru. Since then we’ve been building this company with mutual effort and trust. I think that anything related to business is also related to trust, no matter if it comes to selling, being a business partner or managing people. If you build mutual trust you can accomplish almost anything, if not – you are doomed. So down the line, two years after the foundation of the company, starting with a team of 4 people, we grew to 42 now…

The reason to start this blog is to share my experiences, my emotions, my thoughts and decisions.

This, I believe, could help others – young entrepreneurs, people on the verge of starting something new, investment professionals… anyone who is connected to creating new companies, to creating value and development. I am thrilled to discuss different topics with like-minded people from different business areas and to hear your comments and even objections.

The topics I would mostly cover here will be:

  • Start-ups and their growth 
  • Management vs. entrepreneurship 
  • Sales 
  • Marketing and strategy 
  • Company culture and people management 
  • Software development from a business point of view 
  • Some interesting events I am visiting and speaking at

All feedback, questions and suggestions are appreciated and encouraged.

You can leave comments or contact me via e-mail or social media. My goal here is to establish an honest, helpful and open communication.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon.