Growing your business and the use of being paranoid

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The first topic I would like to cover is “Growing your business and the use of being paranoid”. I find a sustainable business organization to be one which earns enough financial resources to secure its own being and in worst case – the organization earns at least as much as it spends.

First of all I want to congratulate everyone who owns and manages some kind of busines

Because bringing to life a non-organic matter is tough – bringing a business to life is tough. Forming it into a “living creature” is magic. You have to create it and nurture it afterwards and there comes the tougher part – make it grow. It really depends on why you want to grow this business and where do you want to go with it because if you don’t have a clear goal from the very beginning it might turn into a nightmare. You have to keep in mind that growing at any cost may not be sustainable and it may turn back on you. 

So why being paranoid is important and useful?

Because there are many moving parts when it comes to creating and growing a business. You have to take care of various sectors of the company – sales, team, marketing, finances, accounting and operations. You have to foresee all those aspects that need your attention before you start and be prepared. Management requires many different skills, confidence and some luck – if you lack these components you might get in trouble later.

At the beginning of your business you have none or very few compromises to make and the system is simple, you easily make the right choices. Everything is done the way it should be done. When you are just starting you don’t have much of a choice – you don’t have a lot of clients, you have a deadline to catch and you are doing something just for the sake of doing it, just for being there. You know that’s not sustainable in the long run but you have to do it and move to the next step. When you’re there, don’t think you have the time to go back to the first step and improve something – this scenario doesn’t work 99% of the times and it remains a weak spot in your system. Same thing goes for business. But as time passes by it all gets more complex and you have to make a lot of decisions on which your business depends. You start facing situations where there are no easy solutions and choices. In most business situations you’ll find yourself, you have to be smart and turn a problem into an opportunity.

You need to make a decision and be ready to take the lighter hit and the least bad consequences.

Back on being paranoid

You really need to be questioning everything all the time. There is nothing given and nothing constant, what worked yesterday does not have to work today. You have to be checking your structure and internal organization, you need to be checking what you’re doing within different areas with different problems every day. You have to be aware of every possible outcome of every action and know how to manage risks and avoid mistakes. You obtain this knowledge and experience with the years and then you become less paranoid. But you can’t afford this luxury when you are just starting off because you’re more likely to go bankrupt if you are not careful.

At the beginning most business start-ups are quite unpleasant and sceptic.

If you survive the first phase it means that what you achieved is like a spark of light in the dark and now you need to make sure you keep the fire burning throughout the years. You can compare this with the evolution of the species – many different animal and plant species have disappeared from the Earth throughout the millions of years because they simply couldn’t adapt with the changing environment. Same thing goes for your newborn company. In order to survive and move forward in the ever evolving and changing business environment – it needs to adapt and evolve along. And it all depends on you. Managing this evolution is exactly how you move forward and develop your company. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to increase the number of your employees, it means that you have to increase your sales because this is what increases your profit and makes your company more sustainable. And of course by developing your company, making it more sustainable and having a more long-term vision you are moving towards maintaining a steady income. The steadier your income becomes the more stable you become and that’s the goal of growing a business after all.

In order to survive and move forward in the ever evolving and changing business environment – it needs to adapt and evolve along.

And it all depends on you.

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